05 October 2008


Nothing grand happens in Alabama. Except, I did hear that some woman in New Mexico predicted that on October 14 the aliens would come and take up the fine specimens found in Alabama. I think I'd have mixed feelings about being left behind...

I did recently see some fabulous da Vinci sketches at the art museum. Birmingham continues to surprise me.

Perhaps I could get your opinion on something. I'd like to study abroad my junior year. I was planning on trying for the University of Glasgow, as they have a pretty neat looking archaeology program, and who wouldn't want to go to Scotland? But I'm currently in Arabic 101, and I need to complete the 200 level to graduate. Studying abroad junior year would throw that off. Unless - unless I went to the American University in Cairo instead, where I could study both Egyptology and Arabic. Or, I could wait until senior year to go abroad.

Suggestions? Opinions? Pointless yet humorous personal anecdotes?

Maa Al-Salaama


John Doe said...

I wish I had a pointless and humorous anecdote, because now would be the perfect time to throw one in. I think sarcastic movie and television quotes tend to come out only during serious conversations. That is not a good time to use them, either.

I know someone who's thinking about going to Scotland to study abroad for a semester. She's just hoping to do something different, since school gets old after a while. Plus, she likes castles, lol.

I would go to Cairo. You'd get to be in Africa. Unless you've been there, it'd be another continent to mark of your world tour list. Maybe you don't have a world tour list, but you could start one.

I think it'd be cool to see such a drastically different culture. I'd rather go to Scotland, but I can see with your major, and the Arabic class you're taking, it'd be advantageous to be in Egypt, and not miss 2 semesters of the language courses you need.

John Doe said...

Unless you do in fact get a job for national geographic, college or retirement are usually the easiest times to travel. You don't want to wait until you're retired, lol.

I can understand your parents' objections. Scotland would be a pretty awesome place to be as well. You can always wait a year, or go a year without that language class, and then try your hand at the next level course during your senior year. That's a while to wait, but you could pull it off.