17 May 2012

I'm not trying to be eco-friendly, I just want to survive

I wish I was a survivalist.  I've wanted to ever since I read My Side of the Mountain in elementary school.  In case you haven't read it (which would be a true tragedy), the protagonist, Sam, is a boy who runs away to the Catskills, lives in a tree, forages his own food, and trains a wild peregrine falcon.  He was so clever.  (I realize he's fictional.  Fictional Sam was so clever.)  I grew up playing in the woods, hiking and climbing trees, and I can identify a lot of plants, but I know if I tried to live out there, I'd die.  It's humbling, really, to think about how dependent I am.  I've never even been LEGIT camping.  If you're wondering what legit camping is, it's the kind where you hike in somewhere and there's no toilet.
Can I take survivalist classes?  Am I the only one worried by their utter dependence on commercial industry?

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gandyer said...

Yes, you can take classes,,,,